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Hello. Welcome to Indie Goodz.

Once upon a time, before the Targets and the Amazons, small business owners were recognized and revered for the passion and quality they put into creating their products. And while they’re still out there (over 2 million of them to be exact), in the past few decades they’ve been overrun by the big guys.

That’s where we come in. We’ve brought together the best indie brands from across the country so you can buy local and still have the convenience of one easy checkout and fast shipping.

Corporations manufacture overseas to avoid labor laws, environmental laws and consumer safety laws. They give you a few bucks back in lower price but most of their cost savings go to shareholders. And that lower price you enjoy.. has a massive social cost. Think before you buy.

So start shopping Indie Goodz to support quality and social impact over mass production.

Make the Indie Switch today.

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This is our developer, Chris. We usually don't keep him in caged in but he missed group photo day because he was working hard to make sure our marketplace stays running smoothly. We'll get him to look up from his computer one day :-)