About us


 Our Mission

Our mission is to create a marketplace exclusively for indie brands that has the convenience and product selection of the big box stores and Amazon. 

 Our Story

In the economy today too much income and wealth is going to far too few of us.  But 70% of the economy is made up of our consumer spending.  That means the economy is just a reflection of the way we spend our money!  Oh no we're our own problem!  Well... there's some truth to that..  

Sooo.. if we want to change the economy we have to change the way we spend.  Support independent brands because they support an economy that benefits all of us.  

That said, we know the big box stores and Amazon are just so convenient.  But we thought hey if technology put a robot on mars we can bring convenience and huge selection to local & indie!  And so we did.

Change the way you spend and it will change the world around you.  It's really that simple.  


 The Guy That Got it Started

Probably not what pops in your head when you hear investment banker, Indie Goodz founder, Thad Beversdorf spent more than a decade in international banking where he worked out of London, England.  It was in that role he gained an in depth look at the economy and how money flows through it. Understanding the intricacies of the world economy made him realize that the system of commerce today is meant to keep profit flowing to those already at the top of the economic foodchain.  Corporations are controlled by powerful shareholder groups called hedge funds.  These hedge funds are interested in money, period.  And so they force corporations to behave in a way that fulfills that objective.  Corporations spend a fortune on marketing convincing you to buy their products and then they send that money to the powerful hedge funds.  The system extracts money from the masses and gifts it to the wealthy.  This explains our current economic model. 

Thad set out to prove there is a better way. 


 Change Is Just A Choice

We've built the tool for change but the power to change is yours.  Not only are our brands oozing with goodness, passion and perseverance but each time you choose Indie Goodz you make an empowered choice to reshape the world around you.  And now that better choice is as easy as the big box brands.  Stop supporting corporate greed...  Make the indie switch!