About us


 Our Mission

Our mission is to create a marketplace exclusively for indie brands that has the convenience and product selection of the big box stores and Amazon. 

 Our Story

In the economy today too much income and wealth is going to far too few of us.  But 70% of the economy is made up of our consumer spending.  That means the economy is just a reflection of the way we spend our money!  Oh no it's us!  Well... there's some truth to that..  

Sooo.. if we want to change the economy we have to change the way we spend.  Support independent brands because they support an economy that benefits all of us.  

That said, we know the big box stores and Amazon are just so convenient.  But we thought hey if technology put a robot on mars we can bring convenience and huge selection to local & indie!  And so we did.

Change the way you spend to change the world around you, it's really that simple.  


 Our Founder

Covered in tattoos and usually wearing jeans and a cap it is sometimes weird to think of Thad in his past life.  He got his professional start in international banking where he worked out of London, England.  But it was there that he gained an in depth look at the economy and how money flowed through it. Learning the intricacies of the world economy made him realize that the system of commerce today is meant to keep profit flowing to those already at the top of the economic foodchain.  Corporations lobby for (i.e. buy) economic policies to make sure the system remains beneficial for them at the cost of the of us. 

However, Thad recognized that if consumers simply stop rewarding corporate greed with their purchases and start rewarding indpendent businesses who do an amazing job naturally promoting widespread prosperity, we could literally change the economy.  And with that in mind he set out on this crazy ride we call Indie Goodz.  


 Change Is Just A Choice

We've built the tool for change but the power to change is at your fingertips.  Make an empowered choice each time you spend and reshape the world around you.  And now that choice is as easy as the other choice.  Stop supporting corporate greed and help slow Amazon's path to world domination...