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Arizona Pepper Products

There's a new sauce in town

  • Mesa, AZ
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Since 1985, Arizona Gunslinger has consistently produced the finest collection of southwestern style sauces, and other fine hot & spicy foods available to the market. Flavor and taste are the first emphases for Gunslinger products with the ideal amount of spicy heat added to please a wide variety of palates.

Arizona Gunslinger is prepared with all the finest natural ingredients featuring: red ripened jalapeno peppers and 20% pepper solids. The result speaks for themselves.

Gunslinger offers a wide variety of products including hot sauces, BBQ, honey mustard, steak sauces, hot & spicy stuffed queen size olives, spices, snacks and our new 100% Organic Pepper Sauces, Organic Harvest Foods.

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5 Pack BBQ and Steak Sauce Variety Carton

Having trouble deciding on which Gunslinger BBQ sauce flavors to try? We’ll make it easy for you with our 5-pack 3/4oz bottles starter pack!
Mesa, AZ

5 Pack Variety Carton Hot Sauces

The perfect Arizona Gunslinger's hot sauce sample pack! Contains 5 different 3/4 oz. bottles of the various hot sauces so you can try them all and pick your favorite.
Mesa, AZ

Habanero Pepper Hot Sauce

Add some kick to your food with this habanero pepper sauce. It is great on Mexican food, eggs, spaghetti and meat sauce, or anything else that needs some extra heat!
Mesa, AZ

Microwave Popcorn Bag

This popcorn has the perfect balance of heat and spices for any popcorn lover!
Mesa, AZ

Organic Habanero Pepper Hot Sauce

Spice up your food with 100% Organic habanero peppers grown in New Mexico. The Arizonas Organic Habanero Pepper Sauce is thick, rich, and full of habanero flavor.
Mesa, AZ

Red Jalapeno Pepper Hot Sauce

A red jalapeno hot sauce that balances the right amount of heat with the right amount of flavor, all while keeping a perfect consistency that is never watery.
Mesa, AZ

Smokin Hot Chipotle Salsa

Arizona Gunslinger's Chipotle Salsa will give you the kick of chipotle that will be the perfect complement to any Mexican dish.
Mesa, AZ

Smokin Hot Honey Mustard BBQ Sauce

Add some extra flavor to your chicken, potatoes, pasta, rice and many other foods with the Arizona's Smokin Hot Honey Mustard BBQ sauce.
Mesa, AZ

Smokin Hot Pistachios

A 3 oz bag of Pistachios covered in Arizona Gunslinger Smokin' Hot Jalapeno Pepper Sauce to give the perfect amount of kick. These pistachios are so good, you won't be able to stop eating them!
Mesa, AZ

Texas Gunslinger Chipotle Habanero Pepp...

The smokiness of the chipotle with the kick of habanero peppers makes this a great hot sauce!
Mesa, AZ