The Wellness Woman Starter Pack
  1. Workout Clothes - molly tank-



Every wellness woman needs a way to exercise that she enjoys. Instead of focusing on workouts that burn the most calories or ones that make you dread walking into the gym, find a simple way to get active tha...

Fall Fully Loaded - Local Fall Essentials Guide
Fall Fully Loaded - Local Fall Essentials Guide

Pumpkin spice season is upon us. We know not everyone is crazy about the PSL and pumpkin pie, but these Fall essentials are perfect for ALL Autumn lovers. Kick back with your warm mugs in hand & here we go!


1) Pumpkin and Apple Candles:

Fall is all about getting cozy. Picture this: a warm cup ...

The Myth of Market Cap

More than $2 trillion in cash distributions will be gifted to shareholders by S&P 500 CEO's this year.  More than ever before. But why? 

Why do CEO's distribute cash to secondary market speculators?  These speculators haven't provided any capital to the balance sheet and haven't added to the income...

Apple is Now the World's Largest Landlord

Apple recently became the first company with a trillion-dollar valuation.  This is a company with essentially one product that has a decelerating growth rate and some services to go along with it. 

Earlier in the year Apple CEO, Tim Cook, announced a $100 billion buyback (on top of the $10 billion ...