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Mountain Bike Whiskey Glass

Includes (1) - 11 oz. Old Fashioned Glass
Hudsonville, MI

Michigan Glass

Includes (1) - 16 oz. Pint Glass
Hudsonville, MI

Michigan Heart Glass

Includes (1) - 16 oz. Pint Glass
Hudsonville, MI

Bamboosa Soft Pillow Stand - Blue

The Bamboosa Stand is our favorite iPad pillow by far. It is, in our opinion, the best iPad accessory money can buy... and the one iPad accessory that no iPad user can do without" "A must-try" "Travel companion"
Culver City, CA

Ultra Violet Kit-Cat® Klock

Limited Edition Ultra Violet Kit-Cat® Klock with white bow tie
Fountain Valley, CA

Majestic Yellow Lady Kit-Cat® Klock

Limited Edition Majestic Yellow Lady Kit-Cat® Klock with pearls and eyelashes
Fountain Valley, CA

1:18 Scale Miniature Cinder Blocks 24pa...

24 1:18 Scale Miniature Cinder Blocks 24 on a Pine pallet
Maitland, FL

1:6 Scale Mini Red Bricks 24pack on Pallet

24 1:6 Scale Miniature Red Bricks on a Pine Pallet
Maitland, FL

Mini Pallet Coasters - Mahogany (5pk)

5 4" x 4" Mahogany Pallets
Maitland, FL

Mini Materials Ultimate Sample Kit

2 Scales of Bricks & Cinders on Pallets, 5 Mahogany Coasters, and 2 sets of Breeze Blocks on Pallets
Maitland, FL

Granite Cord Organizer

Cord Valet, our handmade granite cord organizer, is the perfect way to keep all your small cords tidy and ready to go.
Windham, NH

Can Chilling Coaster Set

Handmade from reclaimed granite, the substantial anti-tip coasters employ the chillable quality of stone to keep your beverage cans cold and securely upright.
Windham, NH

Granite Toothbrush Holder

Encircle, our granite toothbrush holder, is handmade with reclaimed granite and polished aluminum holders that keep your brush upright to dry.
Windham, NH

On The Other Hand Clock

Part clock and part modern kinetic sculpture, our design is a deconstructed timepiece-as-décor, made with solid cherry and hand-gathered beach stones.
Windham, NH

Mighty Coasters

Our Mighty Coaster Set includes four sturdy handmade reclaimed granite coasters in a fine crafted, solid hardwood ash caddy.
Windham, NH

Granite Utensil Rest

Our sturdy Nestle Granite Spoon Rest has a hand-polished aluminum handle that is elevated so all drips are contained in the smooth cove.
Windham, NH

Tria - Tic Tac Toe Game

Elevate your X's and O's game from scrap paper to sea stones with this sophisticated handmade set.
Windham, NH

Granite Cove Soap Dish

Our Soap Dish is made of hand-cut reclaimed granite squares by carving a subtle contoured nest and finished to create a visual and tactile experience.
Windham, NH

Harmony Tea Light

This captivating tealight holder balances richly grained granite rings with a warm, solid cherry base.
Windham, NH

Glacier Wine Flight

Freeze the upcycled, solid granite base and keep your wine ensemble at the optimal temperature during your tasting.
Windham, NH