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Scented Mustache Wax - Sandalwood -...

We believe in the use of natural organic materials, so every ingredient we put into our waxes are both raw and pure. 1 oz. Sandalwood - is known as an Antiseptic and Anti-inflamatory.
Uncut Standards
Daly City, CA

The Oslo Shave Set - Mach-3 Blade

The Oslo set: a hand-turned razor and matching stand. Sleek, refined, and modern. The Oslo begins as a solid block of Aluminum, and is turned and polished by hand until it has the perfect shape, weight, and finish. This is the set for the modern design or architecture fanatic; the connoisseur of classic cars and jets, or simply anyone who appreciates the finest, most classic objects in their home.
Imperium Shaving
Baltimore, MD

Fresh to Death Beard Oil - 1 oz.

This herbal beard oil is a step above the rest! With infused oils of shavegrass and chamomile, this oil can help with hair growth, keeping the beard nourished and looking fresh. Lightly scented with lemon and rosemary for a fresh, subtle scent. Handmade and made to order.
Bohemian Apothecary Co.
Cary, NC

Tame The Wild Beard Balm - 1.5 oz

As opposed to beard oil, beard balm will give your beard more of a matte finish rather than a glossy sheen. Our beard balm can be used to help sculpt and shape your beard. 1 oz balm. Handmade and made to order!
Bohemian Apothecary Co.
Cary, NC