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Personal Care

Shop our selection of personal care products that is manufactured in the United States. Our skin care products are all organically made with conscious care. All of our skin care products are Animal friendly and environmentally friendly by your Local and independent businesses around you.

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Street Legend Perfume Oil

Street Legend: Citrus, Fruit, Musk, Patchouli, Tobacco, Vanilla. 0.57oz
It's Perfume Oil
Burton, MI

Sugar Water Perfume Oil

Sugar Water: This sweet full bodied light musk with a hint of sweet sugar surrounds you with goodness invoking passions in the olfactory. A Best seller from day one, try it and you'll be amazed!!! 0.57oz
It's Perfume Oil
Burton, MI

Summer Flower Perfume Oil

Summer Flower: A green floral chypre oriental twist of ours on the base of classic musk fragrance, fresh clean soapy full body fragrance, a must have for any season. 0.57oz
It's Perfume Oil
Burton, MI

Tropical Shimmer Roll On Body Oil -...

Twinkle, twinkle little star... this shimmering body oil will make the boys go "whaa??!" Dripping with liquid stardust, it'll turn you into a Gleam Queen and no mistake. Your skin will be intensely nourished and hydrated while showcasing enough sparkle to make a unicorn jealous.
NaturalAnnie Essentials
Bridgeport, CT

Body & Face Moisturizing Cream

Apply a pearl size of Nurish to your skin. Massage gently into the skin and feel the instant, soothing results! Protects and NURISHES your skin all day, even after several washes. Available in 2 oz. or 3.4 oz.
Abundant Earth, Inc.
Long Beach, CA

Summer Musk Perfume Oil

Summer Musk: Crispness of a light musk with soft undertones of powder and oriental notes blends in this soft classic that’s reminiscent of a clean fresh white musk with more body. 0.57oz
It's Perfume Oil
Burton, MI

Sunset Perfume Oil

Sunset: Sensuously blended musk fragrance. Historically musk exudes an aura of comfort and sensuality, this blend of delicate skin, soft and sweet musk is alluring. .57 oz
It's Perfume Oil
Burton, MI

Sunshine Cologne Spray

Think of your favorite, most comfortable cotton T-Shirt left outside and warmed by the sun with this 1oz cologne spray.
Demeter Fragrance Library
Selinsgrove, PA

Urban Sandalwood Perfume Oil

Urban Sandalwood: Traditional Sandalwood enriched with Amber. Enhancements on classics often create new best sellers and this fragrance follows in that tradition. 0.57oz
It's Perfume Oil
Burton, MI

O2xygen Eau De Toilette for Women

Soft, subtle, elegant. O2xygen fragrance for women captures the aura of Northern California from our beautiful vineyards overlooking the pacific ocean to our serene inland landscapes. A truly sophisticated scent marrying natural botanicals with fresh aqua, uniquely capturing the essence of the northern california lifestyle. A vineyard garden welcoming the gentle ocean breeze. Soft, subtle, elegant scent for women. Features light floral citrus and floral notes, in eau de toilette strength. American made in California.
California North
Novato, CA