The Wellness Woman Starter Pack

  1. Workout Clothes - molly tank-



Every wellness woman needs a way to exercise that she enjoys. Instead of focusing on workouts that burn the most calories or ones that make you dread walking into the gym, find a simple way to get active that makes you happy. Even as simple as walking around a nearby trail or jogging with your dog around the neighborhood. Can’t find any motivation to test the waters!? Treat yourself with nice workout clothes! Our top pick is the Molly tank by Onzie.  

2) A Breakfast of Wellness-


Health is wealth, people!! Refuel after that workout ^^ with something nutrient dense. Smoothies (bowl form for cuteness) are a great option for a post workout snack or healthy breakfast. You know what they say, breakfast is the most important meal of the day. This smoothie powder from Fitppl (link here) supports local AND fills you with the nutrients you need to have a GIRL BOSS kind of day. Can’t do a smoothie bowl without granola? We have you covered. (insert Marge granola here)


3) Girl Boss Polish -



Real wellness women support other women. On Indie Goodz, we’ve made it simple and straightforward to purchase from women entrepreneurs. One of our local faves is Raleigh owned business, Shello Polish. Owner, Ralphyne, wanted to create a product that has a feminine touch, but packs a punch. Her nail polish is vegan AND PETA certified. Every day should have that fresh nails done feeling. Do it right by supporting a fellow woman and shopping local.


4) Natural Skincare-



Winter is approaching and that means dry skin will be paying us an unwelcome visit soon. Looking for that key to keeping your wellness woman glow? The illuminating face oil by Polyn Skincare. A unique blend of plant essential oils designed to soothe your emotions and encourage feelings of being loved and accepted. Basically a hug in a bottle, but for your face. Rest assured, every Polyn product is 100% Non-GMO, 100% Cruelty-free, and carefully made in small batches in the hill country outside of Austin, Texas.

5) Energy Bars for On-the-Go!-

Made from 100% gluten-free oats and pure grass fed protein, this is the perfect bar for a wellness woman who is constantly on the go. Kize Energy Bars, made locally in Oklahoma city, come in many flavors from peanut butter to even cinnamon roll. Not only are they in the business of making yummy bars, but they’re in the business of CHANGING LIVES.  A percentage of sales go toward what is called their "Feeding Fund" in which they partner with numerous non-profit organizations to nourish those in need. Do well for your body and others by eating Kize!


See there, everything you need to be a wellness woman, but local. Local made easy.



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